About Double Helix Farm's

Why Double Helix Farms is different...

Small family owned business
Double Helix Farms is owned by Steve Whiteaker who gets help from his 3 sons and a few close friends.

We love gardening as much as you do.
Steve has been growing plants since he was 5 years old. Everyone involved with Double Helix Farms loves gardening.

We are breeding our own varieties.
We will have dozens of new tomato varieties over the next few years that are available ONLY at Double Helix Farms.

World wide contacts for new and unusual varieties.
We have friends all over the world. From Russia to Peru to some of the top tomato breeders right here in the United States, Double Helix Farms is constantly looking for great tasting and interesting new varieties.

Environmentally sound growing practices.
We don’t believe in putting anything in your garden that you don’t have to.
We also think it is hypocritical to take on any environmental issue and then spend $1million on printing hundreds of thousands of catalogs. We will never do that. .

We understand the science behind gardening.
Steve is a Biologist and has been breeding plants for more than a decade. He has owned and operated a retail plant nursery and understands every aspect of growing, from planting to harvest.

Personal involvement in variety selection.
Since we are not a large corporation we still put our boots on shovels and get our hands in the dirt.

We listen to you.
If you have something you think the gardening world needs to share, then let us hear from you. We are always looking for new things to offer.

You can save your seeds.
Almost everything we offer is open pollinated which means you can save your seeds. We only have a few F1 Hybrids. We believe the very few hybrids in our listings have something outstanding to offer or they would not be here. Besides, who can do without the tomato Sungold? All of our hybrids are noted as such in the listings.

We believe in treating everyone with dignity. We love gardening and we love people. We believe in sharing our love by sharing our love for gardening. There is no room for politics in the garden. Hornworms and Aphids don’t really care what you think.