Hands down this was one of the top tasting yellows we grew this year. These are very meaty and quite juicy. They are almost like a heart, In fact I put it in the heart category even though it does not have the wispy leaves or the heart type seed cavity. Very hard to describe this tomato. The fruit is very dense and feels heavy for its size.


Beutal Tomate Aus El Salvador

Yellow to orange pear shaped paste tomato. Rich sweet flavor. Makes one of the most interesting and delicious sauces you will ever try. Sauce made from this Salvadorian beauty will be the center of the attention with any of your favorite pasta recipes.


Kellogg's Breakfast

Pale yellow beefsteaks in the 12 ounce to 1 pound range with a few getting even bigger. This tomato appeared among a grow-out of Green Giant, a large potato leaf green when ripe. Similar growth and production to Green Giant.


Feng Shui

Very heavy blocky heart like orange fruit. These will absolutely shock you with their surprisingly strong rich tomato flavor. I am writing this as I am eating a plate full of them now and I wish it wasn’t the end of the season. Since I had no idea what to expect when I got the seeds, this has turned out to be one of the better surprises.


Siberian Golden Pear

Siberian Golden Pear is such a pretty tomato. It turns out a good crop of 4 to 6 ounce pear shaped tomatoes. This tomato doesn't have a lot of seeds and is one that has been difficult to get seed production up enough to sell. I think these true pear shaped tomatoes are just beautiful. It's too bad this shape never gained favor here in the U.S. because I absolutely love them.


Wonder Of The World

Wonder of the World was one of the many new standouts in the garden this year. Absolutely beautiful crystal clear yellow tomatoes hang in abundance on sturdy vines. It gave us another huge fall crop. Another great new Russian variety we are proud to introduce.


Sun Gold F1

I’m pretty sure that Sonnets are being written about Sungold. This is one of the F1 hybrids we love. Everyone that has tried one will tell you that they have a sweet fruity taste, but you really have to experience it for yourself. Truly unique in the world of tomato flavor. It is on everyone's list of must haves.


Golden Dome

Giant bright yellow hearts really load up these wispy vines. One of the best yellows out there. If you love hearts you will love Golden Dome. I had one tomato that was almost 3 pounds. Most run around 12 to 18 ounces. A real standout Russian heart that will become a favorite for just about anyone that tries it. Hearts have such few seeds this one will also be in short supply.



This is probably the best tasting golden yellow in my garden this year. Nugget was one of the earliest to ripen, coming in at around 50 days from planting. It was a work horse of a producer too. The seeds for this great tomato came from Russia and are not to be confused with the U.S. variety Gold Nugget which we also carry. I really can’t say enough about Nugget.


Rabideau Tomato Seeds