Golden Dragon Melon

Like Snowy Sweet Melon, this is another Asian melon. The flavor is sort of a cross between a cantelope and some sort of tropical fruit. I can’t really compare it to anything because there isn’t anything I know of that has this flavor. The melons are very pretty and quite prolific for an open pollinated variety. They have a strong fragrance when sliced and are very juicy.


Blue Speckled Spanish Melon

This was one of the prettiest melons I grew. The first melons of the season were sort of a cross between a honeydew and a Piel de Sapo, but not as sweet. Quite good, but not a sugary sweet melon. The last melons of the season were more cucumber like than melon like. Still there is flavor, just not heavy sweetness like a honeydew.


Melon de Murcia

This is a type of Piel de Sapo melon from Spain. It has very sweet juicy flesh and they are smaller with a more solid skin color than your typical Piel de Sapo. This is a great melon and should be more widely available than it currently is. Melon de Murcia is one you should definitely try. I prefer Melon de Murcia because they are consistently sweet and never seem to be bland.


Long Crimson Watermelon

Expect long blocky super sweet 25-28 pound watermelons from Long Crimson. Super big producer of one of the sweetest and crispiest fleshed watermelons we know of. Great variety for the home gardener but also holds up well to shipping for the Farmers Market growers.


Snowy Sweet Melon

Baseball size snow white melons with intoxicating fragrance. This Asian melon is unlike anything I have tasted before. The flavor to me was sort of odd and I am still not sure if I liked it or not. I have heard that these melons are used for canning or making a sweet relish. Chickens really like them, but Max did not. They are so unique that I believe you will have fun growing them.


Sugar Baby Watermelon

This is on a lot of peoples favorites list. Very small crisp icebox melons in the 6 to 10 pound range. Good tasting flesh and they are good producers. It’s been around a long time but it is still one of the best.


Golden Dragon Melon Heirloom Chinese Melon Seeds