Amethyst Bean

These are really pretty. I cooked up a pot of these just before writing this and so they are still fresh on my mind. Much better than Pinto Beans. Careful though, because you won’t ever be able to go back to something as plain as a Pinto after you have experienced these Amethyst Beans. You will find they are easy to grow and even easier to eat.


Chick Peas

This bean is a favorite for middle eastern cuisine. Chick Peas have a rich nutty flavor and are very high in protein. Hummus is probably the most widely known food made from Chick Peas but they can be used for so much more. They are great in soups and work well mixed with other vegetables as well.


Mammoth Melting Sugar Snow Pea

Dang, these are good. Perfect in a stir fry or by themselves as a side dish. These work well grown on a trellis. I have even seen these grown on a trellis in a flower garden of an interesting blend of flowers, vine and pods. The flavor is superb and if you have not had these in the garden before, you are really missing out.


Azuki Beans (Adzuki Bean)

It’s hard to believe I went most of my life never hearing of these superb beans. These small tasty beans of Japanese origin are actually easier to digest than most beans. They have a light nutty flavor that is great as a side dish or they go great mixed with rice. Plant more than you think you need because you are going to love this bean.


Blauwschokkers Pea

Amazing old heirloom sometimes called Blue Podded pea. Unfortunately this pea doesn’t get good press because it is not being properly used. What I mean by that is that this is an old fashion soup pea, not a fresh eating pea. It was never intended to be eaten green. Blauwschokkers Pea was intended to be dried and stored for the lean months of Winter.