Golden Acre Cabbage

This is about the best open pollinated heirloom early cabbage around. It makes a nice 3-4 pound head and is very early needing only about 60 to 65 days to reach maturity. Great flavor from this heirloom favorite.


Okra-Jing Orange

Jing Orange is a strong growing and heavy producing okra. I really loved this one. The Hibiscus like plants are actually pretty enough to grow as an ornamental in the flower garden. Big bright flowers on red stems give way to striking deep red pods. The leaves have red veins too. The Okra pods are very tasty and make a mean Jambalaya.


Malaysian Red Eggplant

We are not sure how this got the name of “red” because it is the prettiest shade of purple you will ever see. These are skinny little fruits but they are tasty and tender. You will have a lot of fun growing these and they really open up new ways to cook Eggplant.


Tendersweet Carrot

It might come as a surprise to you that a tomato lover like myself considers carrots as their favorite vegetable. Well, that is only because I put tomatoes in a league of their own, but I do love carrots. There are more carrot varieties than I care to think about. I do not want carrot that looks like a knothole or one that is weird.


Snowball Improved Cauliflower

Snowball Improved is a great choice for both the backyard gardener and the Farmers Market grower. It has perfect 6 inch snow white heads with very good flavor. Eat your Cauliflower. If you don’t eat your Cauliflower you can’t have any pudding.


De Cicco Broccoli

I sell this variety because it is the best for continuous production. If you cut the main head before it is full De Cicco Broccoli will develop many side shoots that can be cut and cut again. In certain growing conditions it is not unusual to get 6 months of production out of a plant. This is the one you want.


Red Burgundy Onion

Red Burgundy is an outstanding short day slicing onion. The best choice for a red onion from the middle of the country to the Gulf. They have a sweet mild flavor and get to be about four inches across.


Golden Detroit Beet

This old open pollinated beet is sweet, mild, and tender. It goes from a deep orange to a golden yellow when cooked and it does not bleed. Golden Detroit has lost favor over the years to the deep red beets, but it is every bit as good. It deserves a place in more gardens.


Okra Hill Country Red

We love fried Okra and without a doubt this is the best kind for frying. Why? Because it is bigger around than any other Okra we have ever grown which makes it easier to deal with in the skillet. Unlike other okras, even when it is quite large it is still tender. The flavor is perfect and it is a heavy producer.


Golden Acre Cabbage heirloom garden seed