Sugar Plum Raspberry

This was a bit of a surprise. I was not expecting stripes. You could almost call Sugar Plum Raspberry a bicolor. The flavor was superb and just on the sweet side. The plants are small almost dwarf like so you could easily grow this one in a container. Another great tomato we are bringing in from Europe for the first time.


Honey Giant

This is one of the best of the garden this year and a hard one to get your hands on. Beautiful orange bi-color heart tomatoes with sweet complex flavor. It is a winner. I was thrilled to be able to send seed for this outstanding tomato to my friend Carolyn Male up in New York so she could give it away in her annual seed offer. Then I lost my crop and didn't get to offer it myself.


Vernissage Black

Double Helix Farms is proud to say we were the first to offer this stunning striped black tomato in the United States. This Ukrainian beauty has a lot going for it. Great taste, heavy production and no one can deny how pretty it is. The last wave of fruit had the most striking color. I suppose the cooler nights really brought out the best of this tomato.


Gajo de Melon

This is a really odd little tomato. The color changes it goes through while ripening are almost enough to make it worth growing. The flavor seems to be different depending on who you ask. It has been described by some as having the flavor of ripe melons. All I tasted was tomato. It is on the sweet side and a very good tomato.


Little Lucky

This is a sibling to Lucky Cross. I actually like little Lucky much better than the big sister. Little Lucky is much more productive. This is a great tasting bi-color tomato. They are quite pretty as well. I even grew one in a pot this year and it did quite well.


Siberian Tiger

Siberian Tiger is an absolutely beautiful tomato. This very pretty striped tomato from Russia is a new one for us this year and we are happy we can share it with you. Siberian Tiger is a very prolific little tomato and you can expect plenty of brightly colored juicy small 2 to 3 ounce tomatoes.



This is Chloé. Double Helix Farms is proud to introduce another one of our great exclusives. It doesn't get much prettier than this. Chloé is a big torpedo shaped chocolate colored tomato with stripes and is loaded with flavor. Outstanding crops on rather thin wispy looking plants.


Vernissage Pink

Double Helix Farms was the first seed company in the United States to offer this beautiful tomato. It continues to be one of our best sellers. Absolutely stunning colors on very strong growing vigorous plants. We also offer the sister varieties, Vernissage Black and Vernissage Yellow. I had to have them all and will plant them all again next year.


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