Quapaw Green

Double Helix Farms is proud to introduce this beautiful “green when ripe” tomato. It is hard to believe that the tomatoes in the photograph were almost soft they were so ripe. One of the prettiest green when ripe tomatoes on the market. It has a creamy texture and is more on the sweet side. We hope you enjoy showing this one off as much as we do.


White Sugar

Is this cool or what? How about a white tomato for your collection. This is actually a pretty good tomato. It tends to blush sort of yellow when ripe. Don't let it get too ripe or it has a weird texture that is quite typical of yellow tomatoes. I have trialed several white when ripe tomatoes over the years and some are just not very good.



This is probably the most unusual plant we grew. Lotus has very large potato leaves and the fruit turns almost white when it is ripe. Lotus is quite a striking sight in the garden and on the plate. The fruit has a unique flavor that was bright, bold and unexpected for a white.


Toad Suck Toad

This is a just a crazy looking tomato. The vines tend to be deep purple, almost black. The fruit emerges a beautiful green and as it ripens it turns the oddest color of toad green. Toad Suck, Arkansas is a real place just outside of town where I live. It is a place where people used to cross the Arkansas river on a ferry.


Russian Green

Great tasting green when ripe from Russia. Very good size for slicing. Produced many 10-12 ounce pretty green tomatoes over a long period of time. This was the earliest ripening green when ripe in my garden. More than just a novelty, these tomatoes taste great. Supply is limited.


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