Joe's Portuguese

Huge pink beefsteak tomatoes on strong growing regular foliage vines. These are absolutely amazing for their size, hardiness, and great flavor. We got our seed from the source, Mr. Dan McMurray and are truly grateful for all of his assistance. We are thrilled to be the first one to make this stunning giant tomato available here in the United States.



Holy cow! Giant pink heart tomatoes. What more do you want? Well you want them to taste good and have a sweetish edge like most heart tomatoes. Well Pops is it. What a great tomato. I can't believe no one has been talking about this one. They will. Please give this one a try. One of the best of the season.


First Love

I was really happy to get seeds for this hard to find great tasting tomato. This was our first year to grow it and it will make a return. Garden real estate is pretty sacred around my house so if something comes back, it means it was really good. Original seed from Dr. Carolyn Male, author of 100 Heirloom Tomatoes for the American Garden.


Raspberry Miracle

I almost didn’t plant this one this year. I’m sure glad I did. It was in my top 10 for sure. The color is striking and the production was pretty good. The flavor was out of this world. I tasted this tomato side by side with some of my favorites and Raspberry Miracle out did them all. Over the top on flavor.


Pink Cheeks

Can you believe how pretty this tomato is? I cannot say enough about this one. It is on the sweet side which I love but it is also very rich and very meaty. Good complex flavor. These are as pretty as a picture and wait until you slice it. It has a very pretty scarlet circle in the middle when cut. Every time I sliced one I said, "I need to get a picture of this". Then I ate it.


Pink Tsar

I simply cannot overstate how good this tomato was. Superb medium size beefsteaks with a very pretty hot pink color. Quite meaty. Tends to become mealy if you let it get over ripe. If you pick when they hit that hot pink color they are absolutely tomato perfection. I loved this one and my growers loved this one.


Saint Colombe

Good sized pink beefsteaks on a strong growing plant. Very juicy with very well balanced flavor. This one needs to be on your must have list. Saint Columbe is a great performer that gave us a nice consistent crop. I think you could use this one as a main crop tomato for canning and fresh eating. It was one of my favorites this year. In fact I would put this one in my top 20.


Burgundy Traveler

Good tasting dark pink to purple 4 to 6 ounce juicy tomatoes on strong growing vines. While this tomato might share the “Traveler” name it is not from the same breeding program. Burgundy Traveler is one of the prettiest tomatoes I grew and the flavor is outstanding. It is more on the old fashion acidic side with just enough sweetness to make it one of my favorites.


Tsar Kolokol

The Tsar of bells. Big tasty heart shaped tomatoes on wispy foliage plants. Out of the hearts we grew, this one and Monomakh’s Hat seemed to like our hot southern weather a bit better than all the others. The flavor of this tomato is outstanding. Tsar Kolokol has moved on to my list of top tomatoes. I can't imagine an heirloom tomato garden without it.


Heirloom Joe's Portuguese Tomato Seeds