Southern Pickler

If I had to grow only one cucumber from now on, Southern Pickler would be it. Probably the best cucumber I have ever grown. Great production and I never got a bitter cucumber. They made great pickles and I actually prefer pickle type cucumbers for fresh eating instead of slicers. Southern Pickler is outstanding.


Blue Hubbard Squash

This is a great old open pollinated squash. It has very firm fine grained meat and it is quite sweet. Blue Hubbards are one of the best keepers and will last for months. They have a pretty gray blue skin and you can usually expect a good crop of 20 to 30 pound squash.


Black Beauty Zucchini Squash

A classic Zucchini that has been a favorite for years. Great flavor, creamy flesh and sturdy plants. One of the best summer squash you can grow.


Papaya Sweet Squash

This is the most productive winter keeper squash I have grown so far. One of my problems with winter keeper squash is that you don't know what to do with one once you get it opened up. Dealing with a 20 pound squash is not my idea of fun. Seriously, who likes squash that much? This one, however, is delightful.


Saffron Yellow Straight Neck Squash

This is one of the best yellow squash out there. It is a straight neck variety which makes for easier slicing. It grows on very sturdy plants and starts producing in 45 days or less. Good production and great taste.


Southern Pickler Cucumber