Chocolate Habanero Pepper

One of the strongest and best producing plants in the garden this year. Only the Bhut Jalokia plant was larger. Outstanding typical Habanero flavor but much sweeter as most brown colored peppers tend to be. Even if you are not a fan of hot peppers you should grow this one because both plant and fruit are just stunning. You can always give away produce and fans of “heat” will love you.


Santa Rosa

Hands down, this was the best tasting pepper in my garden. I have always loved the Chervena Chuska Pepper, but I have to say that this Santa Rosa Pepper just might give it a run for its money. It is super flavorful and has a nice aroma. It is quite sweet and is good for both fresh eating and for cooking. If you only try one new thing this year, please give Santa Rosa pepper a try.



Stinger was my favorite pepper to grow this year. I say that because they are just plain cool and there isn't really anything else like them. This little pepper made me cry. I don't really like hot peppers, but I always try what I grow. There is something that was really scary biting into a pepper that looks like this and is called Stinger.


Trinidad Perfume Pepper

Trinidad Perfume comes in 2nd place for my favorite pepper. This fruity little pepper looks like it would set you on fire, but it does not really have any heat. It does have flavor. I made a Jamaican type pork dish using these peppers and it was outstanding. The only thing disappointing about this pepper was that I didn’t think to preserve any.


Lagrimas Do Rio Pepper

This Capsicum chinense variety is just about the prettiest pepper I grew this year. The plant itself is beautiful and has sort of hairy stems that tend to be much stronger looking than most of the other peppers I grew. Lagrimas Do Rio peppers look like small ornamental shrubs. The teardrop shaped yellow peppers hang in abundance and just keep coming.


Serbian Sweet Pepper

One of my favorites out of the garden this year. This is a sweet pepper that I prefer to pick before it is fully ripe. I really liked the aroma and sweet crispness of the pale yellow fruit over the fully ripened orange. Either way, this is sure to become tops on just about everyone’s heirloom pepper list.


Sweet Heat Pepper

This pepper resembles a Jalapeno in many ways. The size, shape, and heat are about the same as a Jalapeno. The difference comes in the sugar content of the flesh. This pepper is much sweeter than the Jalapeno. Due to its rich peppery sweetness, not only is it more flavorful than a Jalapeno, you will also find it more versatile for cooking and pickling.


Rat Chili Pepper

This is another one of our Capsicum frutescens peppers. This little thing has the prettiest flowers. The plants are strong growers and required little effort to pump out huge amounts of hot little peppers. Rat Chili would be a great candidate for picking green and making clear pepper sauce that is so popular here in the South.


Golden Marconi Pepper

These big thick sweet peppers hang like Christmas ornaments on strong growing plants. I prefer these over the common Red Marconi peppers. I like to pick them when the peppers are a blend of green and yellow color for an eye dazzling relish or salad plate. Great flavor and very good producers. One of the best open pollinated sweet peppers.


Chervena Chuska Pepper

I am going to go ahead and say this. Chervena Chuska is the best pepper ever. If I could only grow one pepper, Chervena Chuska would be it. Have you seen these new hybrid peppers being marketed both in the grocery store and at other seed companies as “snacking peppers” or “lunch box” peppers? Well they can’t hold a candle to this open pollinated heirloom.


Chocolate Habanero Heirloom Pepper Seeds