Frequently Asked Questions

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If I order today when can I expect to receive my seeds?
In most instances you should receive your seeds in about 5 to 10 days. Mail times vary and around holidays the delivery time can be longer. If you want your order sooner then we suggest you use our expedited shipping payment option.

My cart gets emptied every time I try to check out. Why can't I proceed to checkout?
Due to the high cost of processing orders through a third party credit card service, Double Helix Farms requires a $15 minimum purchase. If your shopping cart contains less than that amount you can not proceed through checkout.

How often will you introduce new varieties?
Unlike most seed companies, we are plant breeders. We don’t rely on other people to bring us new plants. The best way to be the first to know about a new introduction is to become a member of our community. It’s free and as we grow, so will your place in the community. We know you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t love gardening as much as we do. We don’t think you should have to wait a whole year to see what is going to be new. We will keep you updated on our work throughout the year. As soon as something is available you will be the first to know.

Why don’t you have a mail order catalog?
Printing is costly and in some ways not very respectful of environmental issues. We think we can do a better job online than in print. We can provide unlimited information about a variety, multiple pictures and even have feedback and personal communication. Ink is toxic, paper uses up natural resources, and ultimately catalogs end up in landfills. You do the math. If we pay the printer $2 to $3 per copy to print a catalog and then pay the Post Office to mail it, then we are spending more money on appearances than we are on production. If you are buying from someone sending out hundreds of thousands of catalogs every year then you should be asking, do they really care about the environment?.

Are any of your seeds GMO’s?
Of course not. GMO, which stands for genetically modified organism, has become the favorite catch phrase scare tactic of many seed companies. Genetic modification is very complicated and requires a huge amount of knowledge, skill, and laboratory equipment. It is beyond the scope of almost everyone and can only be done in a multi-million dollar facility, which basically means almost no one is doing it. Most of the work being done is NOT EVEN WITH PLANTS. Having watched my best friend go through a kidney transplant and his daily struggles, we actually hope that someday Diabetes will be cured with the work being done with gene modification. It’s really not as scary as some people make it look. However, we promise to never sell any GMO seed.

How do I plant my seeds?
We have an entire section on seed starting. You can see that information HERE. Also check out our video page.

Why don’t you have a way to call?
Give us some time to grow. This is our first year to sell nationally and we don’t have a huge staff so there is no way to deal with phone calls. We hope you understand, become part of our gardening extended family, and can grow along with us. You can always email us if you can’t find an answer somewhere on our website.

Why don’t you have more vegetables?
Ha ha, this could also be said, “why do you have so many tomatoes”? Double Helix Farms had to start somewhere. Tomatoes are our specialty because for almost two decades they have been our hobby and our love. We offer a lot of tomatoes because that is where we wanted to start. Please give us time and we will expand our collection of rare seeds and hope to have more variety very soon. In the mean time, we are offering what we think are some of the best of the best. Does the world need 50 kinds of Beets? Having a thousand kinds of Eggplants, or dozens of radishes doesn’t mean they are all good. We want to bring you variety without bringing you junk. I have never in my life met a single gardener that grew Rutabagas.